Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In classwork sources!!!!

Well, i have not yet got to doing my source yet but on the other had i was going to look on source about the exotic entertainment industry and how the news people cough these business owner hiring 15 yrs old girl and such and compare how it change then from now? Also how most of these girls/boys are actually using this as temporary and making something of themselves or the few? That the direction im looking in!!!!

Post 6

These are a few quetion i had in mind i had reguarding my interview........

- Why did you fell that being a stripper was an option?

- Did you look into other alturnatives? If so why you think you not get the job oppurtunity?

-If that's so, why take the easy way out and jeoperady everything that's inportant in your life for money.

-Was it because the money was decent enough for you and also because maybe you get some exposier perhaps?

Post 5

In responds to mommyand me...I can totally agree because i just look at clothing and material things not from where it come from. Then since the film all i do now is check the thing i but and where there from. I wonder the people and china or any other country for the matter had to go through.I think how good we have it. I me there are peolpe here that are going through problems but in these third world countries have it worst.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Eng 101 Post#4

Tells, me how hard it is to make it anywhere just about. That oppurtunity just doesn't knock at your front door. In the poem,is just so real how i feel back then it was so hard for people working and taking care of themselves as well as a family.From the poem ''...if YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO READ THIS, YOU KNOW WHAT WORK IS..." Saids so much, in my house hold my mom and grandmother saids the same thing and i like to think that they means that's in here time they had to work just as hard for let bit of what i have and all the things to come for me as a young woman.Taking care household, going to work at 5:30AM - 2:OOPM or until, plus take care the children and so on.That woman work is never done,... now that's what work is to them.

Eng 101 Post#3

I consider my situation as working class only because, In my home my parent struggle to make ends met but on the other hand we are not on the street homeless, not straving and wondering were are next meal coming from. Well, i can only speak for myself about how i feel about class; that if there wasn't one we would be consider all the same and we are not. Some do better than other, doesn't making any different as far as im better person but living wise it is. Oh yes, i believe there is working class values as much as middle class values. I like not to think so but has be shape on the categories of class.

Eng 101 Post#2

Well, i guess it depends on the kind of person and how they were brought up on the status that fits them. For istance, from the clothing they wear, the ethic back ground and if they share anything in common i guess.The status of people I spend time with must be doing something productive such as going to college making effort to being great because thats what i am trying to do for myself. Also, I look for things we may have in common that we well relate better. So it's alot but i like to set priyer goals for myself. Majority of my friends are doing the same or ready have there degree or have a career. Thats what i like to keep around me so i wont get steard the wrong way.

Eng101 post#1

Well, my routie depends on what days they want me to come in.So far my job at citifield is okay...i mean i get to interact and socializes, however my manger get carried away with his authority to the job by making little comments that he need to keep to himselve.THe atmosphere is over all busy... so the day goes by faster.I would not know were to beginning with the changes.